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Yokohama, Japan. Through the good times and bad times, I've always here and tried my best. 

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teamLab | Tokyo

teamLab aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world and new perceptions through art.

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iPhone 12 mini

Blast past fast! Super small size with the latest technology!

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it gives warm sound, gently and heartwarming tone. I never forget this souvenirs.

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I will definitely play tennis this year. Go Nishikori!

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Lovely picks

For all cancer patients. Breast cancer awareness. As one of the people to care for the breast cancer.



This logo is for my soundcloud. 

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Hometown 2

Chigasaki City, Japan. Chigasaki is ranked fifth in the world for the best small cities to move to in 2020! It is a place where my grandmother was born. Where good things happen!

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EDC Japan | May, 2019 | Tokyo

Martin Garix! Awesome! Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is an annual electronic dance music festival.



Stuffed pika, a small rare mammal, with short limbs, very round body, ears, and no tail. Wooden dalecarlian horses for happiness.

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Driving was best for a change!

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Guitar chair

Sturdy , easy to assemble & perfect height for his playing.

Original on Transparent.png


This original logo for my icon.

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Hometown 3

My favorite secret spot. 


iPhone X

It goes without saying that it is useful for portable recording, exchnging audio file and checking a track with its stereo speakers. 

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Guitar picks

Souvenirs from my precious, Hawaii.


GLC 220d Coupe 2020

Smooth and laxuary

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Sound and Recording

This magazine is bible for my musicians life.

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This logo shows my concept for composing. Many of sad stories and a lot of happy minds within many life in this planet.

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