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Acoustic Guitar  |  Martin GPC-18E 

Martin acoustics tend to be warm with a lot of overtones. Woody tone, warm bass-y sound, and not too bright on the high end.


Acoustic Guitar  |  Takamine PTU-121C

You can play with not too much fat and low tone, so, it is perfect fit for mixing by mid-price acoustic guitar.


Blues Cube Artist  |  Guitar Amplifier

Performance-ready 80-watt combo guitar amplifier with authentic tube tone and touch response.


Guitars for recording

Gather round!!


Gibson  |  Les Paul Traditional 1960

Slim Neck, Fat Vintage Tones. It is so suitable for small hands player.


FENDER Japan  |  Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Almost the Perfect Mid-Priced Bass!

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Instrumentation Cables  |  KAMINARI

Noiseless and exceptional quality.

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Fender  |  elecaster American Professional

New Telecaster bridge with compensated brass barrel saddles for better intonation. New modern "Deep C”-shaped neck profile.


Guitalele  |  AMAHA GL-1

This is a 433mm scale ukulele-style nylon string guitar. Stylish at any time, any where. Guitalele is a perfect take-along guitar.

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Percation  |  Kikutani music MM-6H

It is low price but gives fun and real percassive sound than any other sound in digital presets.

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